What is beautiful?

New stories about and works by contemporary players of the applied art in our current print edition.

Hermann Juenger, Ike Jünger, Schmuck, Schmuckkunst, Pöring, München, Munich

In Jo and Hermann Jüngers’s house in Pöring near Munich.

Jewelry artist Ike Jünger grew up in a parental home that was anything but ordinary.  The far-reaching influence of her father, Hermann Jünger, who is among the important innovators of the goldsmith’s art after 1945, was based on a notion of beauty that can be traced to the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, Ike Jünger has found an artistic position that is all her own. Her work offers a vertiable cornucopia of unadulterated beauty. For the current issue ‘What is beautiful’ of Art Aurea Magazine we visited the jewelry artist and the house of her parents, Jo and Hermann Jünger, in Pöring near Munich.
How wood objects of true beauty can emerge, show Ramon Zangger from the Engadine and Ernst Gamperl, winner of this year’s Loewe Craft Prize.

Ramon Zangger, Möbeldesign, Engadin

Ramon Zangger, furniture designer in his workshop in Swiss Engadine. Photo Miriam Künzli

The traditional jewelry manufacturer Henrich & Denzel, based in Radolfzell on the shores of Lake Constance, has also committed itself to beauty. Until today the company’s demanding task is to cultivate the Modernist tradition at a German jewelry manufactory. How did American collector Victor Novotny come to find his passion for German ceramics after 1945? A visit to his New York apartment reveals an exquisit  selection of contemporary ceramics.

Swing Ring, Henrich & Denzel, Schmuck, Schmuckdesign

Design in the modernist tradition: The new Swing Ring by Henrich & Denzel in 950 Platin with diamonds. Photo Judith Buethe

The search for beauty is a cross-cultural phenomenon. Especially in the applied arts it is a continuing concern and this manifests itself in objects created with great passion. In the “showroom” of each print edition, we present the work of contemporary designers, artists and craftsmen, giving you an overview of current trends. Here are some works from the current issue:

Ludwig Menzel


Ludwig Menzel, Silber, Schale, Doldenschale

Bowl Für-Onkel-Anton, 2016. Silver. Photo Konrad Jünger


Yasmin Mizra-Zadeh


Yasmin Mirza-Zadeh, Schmuck, Schmuckdesign, Halskette

Necklaces Butterflies, 750 yellow and white gold, diamonds top wesselton vsi


Kathrin Dunst


Kathrin Dunst, Goldschmiedin, Schmuck

Jewelry 999/- fine gold , 925/- silver, gemstones


Ike Jünger


Ike Juener, Schmuckkunst, Halsketten, Schmuck

Necklaces 2016/17, silver, gold, enamel color


Franziska Rappold


Franziska Rappold, Kette, Schmuck, Schmuckkunst, Schmuckdesign

Ribbon necklace mini, embossed fine silver and fine gold


Christine Wagner & 13 Rugs


Christine_Wagner, 13Rugs, raumwerk, Teppich, Keramik, Vasen

Vases, ceramics, rugs


Hager & Kirchner


Hager Kirchner, Schmuck, Schmuckdesign, Ring, Silber, Gold

Ring, 925/- silver, 750/- yellow gold, prasiolite 45,45 ct


Walter Wittek


Walter Wittek, Schmuck, Ring, Spannring, Gold

Tension ring, 759 gold, brillant, optional in 950 platin or with colored stone


Kerstin Krieg


Kerstin Krieg, Sandstein, Skulptur, Stein

Doppel, 2016. Sandstone, 45 x 35 x 15 cm


Sabine Martin


Sabine Martin, Vasen, Steinzeug, Keramik, Skulptur

Vase, stoneware


Iris Merkle


Iris Merkle, Objekt, Urne, Skulptur

urns le Sacre #2 for butterflies, clay, coal, rubber, ash of butterflies


Antje Liebscher


Antje Liebscher, Schmuck, Schmuckdesign, Kette, Ring, Armreif

collection Rosen with anchor necklace and medallion, bracelet and vintage ring oben, silver fine gold plated