Schmuck 2018 in Munich

Nine galleries “frame” the special show “Jewellery” at the International Crafts Fair from 7 to 13 March 2018 in Munich.

Ramon Puig Cuyas, IHM

Ramon Puig Cuyas, series Forest Maps, brooch. Photo: Ramon Puig Cuyas

More than 900 goldsmiths and jewellery designers from around 70 countries have applied to display their work at the special exhibition for contemporary jewellery. This takes place at “Handwerk & Design” as part of the International Craft Trades Fair at the Fairground Munich every year. From the 7th to 13th March 2018, visitors will be able to admire the creations of 65 jewellery designers from 21 countries at Schmuck.

This year the participants were selected by Hans Stofer, Head of Jewellery Department at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle. “What amazed me again and again as I looked at the submitted portfolios spread on the table and each individual portfolio that I picked up was the endless diversity of jewellery-making presented,” he said about the selection process. In the end, works from 65 artists in 21 countries were chosen. Germany has the strongest presence, followed by Japan, Argentina, and the Netherlands. On Saturday, 10th March 2018,  5 p.m. the prestigious Herbert Hofmann Prizes will be awarded on the stage in Hall B1 of the International Craft Trades Fair.

Otto Künzli, IHM Munich

Otto Künzli, OK Komainu II, brooch. Photo: © Otto Künzli and VG Bild-Kunst

In addition a “Modern Classic” is also honoured with a retrospective every year. In 2018, this will be Otto Künzli from Switzerland, artist and former Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. “His excellent role,” justifies the jury, “has played a decisive part in the City of Munich being regarded as a centre of contemporary jewellery throughout the world – a phenomenon that is reflected at the special jewellery exhibition of the International Craft Trades Fair year in year out.”

Lisa Walker, IHM Munich

Lisa Walker, Fischli And Weiss, bracelet. Photo: Lisa Walker

For several years, the appearances of international galleries at the Craft Trades Fair under the title “Frame” has also contributed to this recognition. In 2018, the following nine galleries will attend: Platina (Sweden), Ra Gallery Amsterdam (Netherlands), Marzee Gallery (Netherlands), Gallery Rosemarie Jäger (Germany), ATTA Gallery (Thailand), Galerie Spektrum (Germany), NZ Makers (New Zealand, continuation of the Handshake art project), Tactile Gallery (Switzerland), Galerie Biro (Germany), and Chrome Yellow Books (United Kingdom).

For Schmuck 2018, the trade show organisation GHM will organise a separate city map showing all events in the galleries, lofts, and museums, which are also taking place to celebrate the special show in Munich. In addition to information on Schmuck and “Handwerk & Design” within the scope of the Craft Trades Fair, this will include further event locations and dates. The printed city map can be obtained at the trade show, while an online version will be available at from February 2018.

Lin Cheung, IHM Munich

Lin Cheung, Nonplus, brooch. Photo: Lin Cheung

About “Handwerk & Design” [Craft and Design]

As part of the Internationale Handwerksmesse [Craft Trades Fair] the “Handwerk & Design” arose in 2008. The idea behind it was to combine outstanding performances in crafts, art handicrafts and design at the Internationale Handwerksmesse. During the Internationale Handwerksmesse, everything is about the incorporation of craftsmanship and good design in hall B1 on the fairground Messe München. The «handwerk & design» is made up of numerous special shows such as Exempla, Schmuck, Talente or Meister der Moderne. Unfortunately, even after many years, the International Crafts Fair has not succeeded in keeping Hall B1 free from exhibitors who are not characterized by their good design or excellent craftsmanship.

Herbert Hofmann Prizes, Wolfgang Lösche, Sanaa Khalil, Dieter Dohr

Conferral of the Herbert Hofmann Prizes 2017. Wolfgang Lösche (director of the special jewelry show, Chamber of Commerce of Munich and Upper Bavaria), prizewinner Sanaa Khalil, and Dieter Dohr (chairman of the board of GHM).

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