Hinterland Marketplace 2017

The doors of the Kulturhaus at Mestlin in Mecklenburg will open for the sixth “Hinterland Marktplatz”.

Ute Dreist, Hinterland Marktplatz 2017

Ute Dreist, plates, 2016. Stoneware, celadon and shino glaze, painted, Ø 26 cm. Photo Ronald Nickolaus. www.abgelegen.de

What began as an idea on an autumn day in Mecklenburg has evolved during the past several years and established itself as a regional meeting place for the applied arts in northeastern Germany. As in past years, visitors will find a good mix of craftsmanship, art, culture and culinary delights.

Circa 30 exhibitors present ceramics, porcelain and glass, wood and wickerwork, jewelry, hand-woven items and fashions, art books, pictures and paper. Everything is handmade and fabricated with great love for detail. Many items are either one of a kind or produced in small series. The special guest artist for 2017 is Pit Arens from Berlin, whose creations are quite suitable for everyday use, even if some of them appear otherwise. Here are a few examples:

Hinterland Marktplatz 2017, Maria Konschake

Maria Konschake, Brosche Blutlungenmoos. Silver (galvanoplasty). www.maria-konschake.de

Hinterland Marktplatz, Elblinnen, Anne Ander

Elblinnen – Anne Andersson, natural linen sheets herringbone 2015–2017. 75% linen, 25% cotton, 50 x 95 cm. www.elblinnen.de

Gabriele von Miller- Lehsten, Hinterland Marktplatz

Gabriele von Miller-Lehsten, necklace. Acrylic, 925 silver. www.von-miller-schmuck.de

  • Denkmal Kulturhaus Mestlin
    Marx-Engels-Platz 5
    19374 Mestlin
  • Opening 17.11.2017, 6pm
  • Link

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