Zeughausmesse Berlin 2017

Circa 90 designers show their work on 1,600 square meters in the lavish Schlüterhof of the Zeughaus from December 7th to 10th.

Berufsverband Angewandte Kunst Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. organizes this sales fair in collaboration with the German Historical Museum. Four prizes, valued from 500 to 1,300 euros, will be awarded on the fair’s first day. Berliner Volksbank is the sponsor. Encounter, exploration and masterful crafting of the materials is a lengthy process leading to the creation of contemporary utilitarian and art objects, as well as to individualistic jewelry.

Our examples: Antje Stutz forms strips of oxidized silver into irregularly shaped geometric bodies, then lacquers the inner surfaces in various colors to give these pieces a generously buoyant cheerfulness. The leitmotifs in Monika Jakubec’s designs are basic geometric shapes such as cones, spheres and cylinders; openwork, variation, reproduction and reconnection result in distinctive pieces of jewelry. Gabriele Hinze crafts her elaborate dragonfly brooches from fine silver “because this precious metal patiently submits to being worked with the ancient technique of chasing.” Only the negative forms of the gems are discernible in Toma Hilgenfeld’s “Solitaire” rings, which play subtly between absence and prominence.

Antje Stutz, Zeughausmesse

Antje Stutz necklace, 2017. Silver oxidized and painted, 11,5cm x 12,5cm. antjestutz-schmuck.blogspot.de

Monika Jakubec, Zeughausmesse

Monika Jakubec, Konkav ring. 925 silver, resin. www.jakubec.de

Gabriele Hinze, Zeughausmesse

Gabriele Hinze, conservatio Dragonfly brooches. 935 silver, partly steel needles. Photo Ariane Hartmann. www.schmucke.net/kuenstler/gabriele-hinze

Toma Hilgenfeld, Zeughausmesse

Toma Hilgenfeld, Solitaire rings. 900 gold. Photo Nadja von Prümmer. www.tomahilgenfeld.com

Sibylle Umlauf, on the other hand, relies on a primordial symbol that still works its magic today in her archaic-looking “Augenblicke” (“Instants”) rings. Three moveable elements comprise and lend a sculptural quality to Tanja Zessel’s “Lori” ring. Annette Lechler presents her changeable finger jewelry “cercle ouvert”. The exterior of Patrick Rapp’s wooden vessel is stained and lacquered, but the interior is left in its natural state, thus accentuating the painterly character of this beautifully crafted object.

Sibylle Umlauf, Zeughausmesse

Sibylle Umlauf, Augenblicke (Instants) rings, iron, gold, silver, diamond. www.sibylleumlauf.de

Tanja Zessel, Zeughausmesse

Tanja Zessel, Lori ring. 750 gold , Tahiti pearl, diamonds. www.tanjazessel.de

Annette Lechler, Zeughausmesse

Annette Lechler, cercle ouvert ring. Changeable jewelry. Photo Miriam Künzli. www.lechler.biz

Patrick Rapp, Zeughausmesse

Patrick Rapp, Hollow vessel object. Maple, D 43 cm, H 21 cm, stained and varnished on the outside, inside natural finish. www.holzart-drechseln.ch

Marie-Annick Le Blanc, Zeughausmesse

Marie-Annick Le Blanc, Double walled bowl. Stoneware, H 12 cm, D 19 cm. www.marieannickleblanc.com

  • Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin
    Schlüterhof im Zeughaus
    Unter den Linden 2
    10117 Berlin
  • 7. December: 3–6pm, 8. December: 10am–6pm
    9. December: 10am–9pm, 10. December: 10am–6pm
  • Link

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