Versatile Talents

Special Talents show at Munich's International Crafts Fair 2016

A total of 102 participants from 26 countries have been selected for the special Talents show at Munich’s International Crafts Fair in 2016.

Object by Sarah Bartmann

Sarah Bartmann, Interstellare Talfahrt object, 2015. Ceramics, metal, concrete, brick, 25–135 x 25–35 cm

Dr. Michaela Braesel of the Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria comments as follows: “The creations on show this year have been inspired in particular by the materials as such, their specific properties and surface textures, and by the options for working them.”It’s fascinating, she continues, to see how contrasting surfaces and their effects in terms of harmonious synergies have been used to impressively convey the artists’ ideas of perfection or decay.

Stool by Nikolaus Hößle

Nikolaus Hößle, Klapp Klapp stool. Beech plywood, spinnaker nylon, 50 x 36 x 36 cm

Vase by Chi-man Chan

Chi-man Chan, Cylinder in cylinder vase, 2015. Porcelain, underglaze decor

The themes identified by Braesel also include nature, the importance of memories and emotional ties, environmental protection and the repurposing of used materials. What can also be discerned, she says, is a combination of innovative technologies and traditional crafting techniques. As far as jewelry is concerned, she adds, the pieces reflect great interest in special techniques, including collage. The artists focus more on surfaces than on additional decorative elements, and often try to lend their pieces an aura of the rough and archaic.

Cabinet by Stefan Jocham

Stefan Jocham, cabinet. Oiled oak, MDF, lacquer, 140,7 x 46 x 46 cm

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