form Bodensee 2016

Applied Arts fair at Lake Constance

In the former Ludwigshafen tollhouse built in 1836, located directly at lake Constance, form Bodensee presents tasteful crafts and design. Precious ceramics, hand-woven textiles, masterly made furniture, hats or fine goldsmithing work will be shown. But also bags and fashion crafted from fine leather, filigree glass or hand-forged knifes made of Damascene steel will be exhibited.

Axel Heizmann

form Bodensee 2016

Bench. Wenge, H 45–47 cm × W 35–38 × L 169 cm

Annette Lechler & Art Aurea profile

form Bodensee 2016

Nestchen ring. Moveable. 925 silver or 750 gold. Photo Miriam Künzli

Uwe Berger

form Bodensee 2016

Brooch / pendant. 900 gold, silver, dumortierite, solid opal

Hubert Steffe

form Bodensee 2016

Cutting and serving board with magnet holder. Smoked oak / end grain

Macharten – Monika Assem

form Bodensee 2016

Isabella necklace. Bovine leather, stainless steel, nylon

Monika Jakubec

form Bodensee 2016

Zebraringe rings. 925 silver, synthetic resin, mounted, cast


form Bodensee 2016

Vessels. Industrial glass

Carolin Engel

form Bodensee 2016

Cap and legwarmers. Faux fur

  • Zollhaus Ludwigshafen
    Hafenstr. 5
    78351 Bodman-Ludwigshafen
  • Link

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