Annette Lechler
1982–1986 studied sculpting, Freie Kunstschule Freiburg
1989–1994 studied jewelry, Hochschule für Gestaltung Pforzheim (diploma)
1997 & 1998 worked as a teacher, Fachhochschule Trier, Idar-Oberstein
1999 Hessen State Prize
2010 Best of Germany Exhibit Prize, Philadelphia Museum of Art
2017 First Prize at Zeughaus Crafts Fair Berlin

Annette Lechler

The surprisingly multifaceted pieces of jewelry created by Annette Lechler invite the wearer to play around with their forms and structures, thus becoming a co-designer. Inspired by her perceptions of nature, Annette Lechler develops her collections from graphical elements, such as lines, curves and dots. Arranged in strict rhythmical sequences, her creations’ small components – stylized pods, leaves and graphically shaped elements – can be compacted or set in motion by the movements of the wearer’s body. This involves a direct interaction between man and object that revolves around the principles of order and disorder, of revealing and concealing. Annette Lechler’s choice of materials, too, is characterized by remarkable diversity: in addition to precious metals like platinum, gold and silver, she also uses steel, steel silk and PVC.