Zeughausmesse 2015 Decorative Arts Fair

From December 10 to 13 makers present design, craft and art at Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin

The Zeughaus fair, which takes place in Schlüterhof from December 10 to 13, 2015, is the most important event of the AKBB (Professional Association of the Applied Arts in Berlin-Brandenburg), which was founded in 1877 as the first association for German crafts in Berlin. A jury chose circa 85 exhibitors to show their work at the fair in 2015. “We’ve devoted even greater attention toward assuring high quality this year,” say Friederike Maltz and Rainer Wiencke, who are responsible for the fair’s organization for the first time.

Zeughausmesse-Deutsches-Historisches-Museum-Schlueterhof-(c)-Susan-Vaupel preview

The Schlüterhof in the German Historical Museum in Berlin, a great surrounding for the Zeughaus fair. Photo Susan Vaupel

Find selected works by participants of Zeughausmesse 2015 here

HB Werkstätten für Keramik

Marwitz, Germany / hedwig-bollhagen.de

Ceramic vases by HB Werkstätten

Photo HB-Werkstätten

Heike Thamm

Munich, Germany / heikethammdesign.com

Bag by Heike Thamm Design

Liona bag. Leather, lining Dupion silk. Photo Astrid M.Obert

Anja Klettner

Hamburg, Germany / anja.klettner@web.de

Pillows by Anja Klettner

Pillows. Pure silk, hand-woven

Werkstatt Steckner-Crodel

Hamburg, Germany / vb.goldschmiede@web.de

Necklace by Werkstatt Steckner-Crodel

gefaltetes Dreieck necklace. Iron, gold, pearls

Birgit Wortmann

Lüneburg, Germany / seideweben.de

Stole by Birgit Wortmann

Stole. Hand-woven silk. Photo Anka Bardeleben

Beate Brinkmann

Berlin, Germany / beatebrinkmannberlin.de

Bangles by Beate Brinkmann

endless bangles. Silver, gold

Anne Andersson

Bleckede, Germany / anne.andersson@gmx.de

Travel towels by Anne Andersson

Fischgrat travel towels, 2015. Linen, cotton, 70 × 140 cm

Hendrik Schink

Rheinsberg, Germany / achatporzellan.de

Vessel by Hendrik Schink

Vessel, 2014. Hard porcelain, marbled twice

Creation Pia Fischer

Berlin, Germany / creationpiafischer.de or textile-art-berlin.de

Dress by Pia Fischer

Green label dress

Michaela Binder

Berlin, Germany / michaelabinder.de

Necklace by Michaela Binder

Doppeltönnchen necklace. 925 silver, felt. Photo Silke Mayer

Artemis Zafrana

Hanover, Germany / artemis.zafrana.com

Brooch by Artemis Zafrana

Faltung brooch. Silver, embossed and mounted

Ilka Bruse

Seevetal, Germany / ilkabruse.de

Rings by Ilka Bruse


„von“ Heilig, Dombrowski, Maltz

Lychener Straße 5, Berlin, Germany

Objects by Atelier von Heilig, Dombrowski, Maltz

Bandsystem necklaces by Joachim Dombrowski, 925 silver. Spiralband bangles by Marion Heilig, plastic, fine gold. Necklace from her Blume series by Friederike Maltz, stainless spring steel, anodized aluminium

Birgitta Aßhauer

Nuthetal, Germany / transparenz-glasgestaltung.de

Screen by Birgitta Asshauer

Patchwork screen. Sand blasted security glass, stainless steel frame. Photo Mareike Graf

Sibylle Umlauf

Cagli, Italy / sibylleumlauf.de

Ball. Iron, fine gold, inlays, etched, Ø 10 cm
Ball. Iron, fine gold, inlays, etched, Ø 10 cm
<em>Goldener Herbst</em> pin. Iron, fine gold, forged, etched, inlays, 16 cm. Photo Rolf Manz Weinstadt
Goldener Herbst pin. Iron, fine gold, forged, etched, inlays, 16 cm. Photo Rolf Manz Weinstadt

Rainer Wiencke

Berlin, Germany / s-rw.com

Necklace by Rainer Wiencke

Buffalo 202 necklace. Buffalo horn, sterling silver goldplated, lemon quarz

Text Reinhold Ludwig

Read the current article in the current print issue Art Aurea 4-2015

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