Who wears my Art?

First Day of the Art Aurea Photo Happening

Carin Reinders, Apeldoorn, with the North Wind necklace by Antje Bräuer. Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen.

Carin Reinders, Apeldoorn, with the North Wind necklace by Antje Bräuer, Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen.

„I didn’t know art jewelry before. It is fascinating how by wearing an object you develop a relationship to it in a relatively short time. While being photographed with it, I immediately have grown fond of the work of the Bulgarian artist Dimitar Delchev,“ says Maria Hafner from Munich. The musician and actress (Zwirbeldirn, Hasemanns Töchter) is one of 17 persons full of character, who have been photographed with a wearable piece of art by Miriam Künzli during the happening Who wears my art? on March 11th. The priest Schießler from Munich admitted: „I would never ever adorn myself, that’s why I do not like priest cloths. I cannot imagine to wear a bishop’s ring. But I totally like to look at it. Jewelry needs diligence. I am not such a diligent person.“

Priest Schießler

Priest Schießler, Munich, with a brooch by Claude Schmitz. Gallery Isabella Hund, Munich.

Aside from priest Schießler, who has become known through his television programs, and Maria Hafner 15 other personalities from Munich and other parts of the world have been photographed on the first day of our art photo happening. The Munich Jewelry Days, which are taking place parallely to the International Crafts Fair, are the worldwide biggest event for contemporary art jewelry. In more than 50 exhibitions all over the city as well as in special shows at the International Crafts Fair (11th–17th March) local and international galleries and university classes from all over Europe show their works. Most of the presented pieces fundamentally differ from traditional gem jewelry. With their unusual forms and materials the wearable art objects are widely unknown even to the culturally interested audience. With the art photo happening Who wears my art? which takes place in the Academy of Fine Arts from 11th through 13th March, the ART AUREA magazine as a medium for the Applied Arts wants to make a contribution by introducing contemporary jewelry culture to a broader audience.


Maria Hafner, Munich, with a necklace by Dimitar Delchev. Gallery Isabella Hund, Munich, and dress by Ilona Pelli.


The painter Florian Weingärtner from Tegernsee had himself being photographed with a large, circle shaped brooch enameled in yellow. His comment: „Life begins outside one’s comfort zone!“, a statement which one applied to some of the men at the photo session. All women – among them Carin Reinders, director of the Coda museum in Apeldoorn, and the american collector Nancy Olnick who especially came with her husband from New York – felt comfortable and were fascinated by their pieces.


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