Designers and their Creations – an art photography initiative by Art Aurea magazine at the Eunique 2015 fair


Si-Sook Kang. Photo Hans Hansen.

From May 8–10, 2015, EUNIQUE will be a meeting place for international designers and representatives of studios active in all genres of the applied arts. As the leading relevant journal and internet platform in the German-speaking world, Art Aurea has been present at this trade fair from the first, spotlighting this largest marketplace and exhibition venue at the heart of Europe in articles and special publications.

For the first time, thanks to Art Aurea’s EUNIQUE PORTRAITS, the artistic crafts, design and art photography will be entering into dialog right at the trade fair on all the three days of its duration. The goal is to promote an authentic artistic design culture and to convey it to a larger audience

In collaboration with EUNIQUE Karlsruhe, Art Aurea invites all exhibitors to participate in the art photography initiative with the photographer Miriam Künzli.

The concept

The internationally renowned photographer Miriam Künzli will be photographing each designer together with a piece of work that he/she regards as particularly important. Likewise, couples or a larger team can also be photographed along with one or several creations.
The photos will all be taken at Art Aurea’s booth, in sessions lasting 30 minutes each. The objects concerned can either be worn (garments, accessories, jewelry) or presented on the floor (furniture, lamps) or on a table (ceramics, glass or wooden objects). As soon as we have received all applications, participants will get an appointment for their photo shoot.
All designers from all genres of the applied arts and artistic design – whether they create accessories, vessels, lamps, fashion, furniture, jewelry or other objects – are eligible to apply. The persons to be portrayed choose their own outfits and make-up, and should not apply more make-up than usual.
All the photo portraits will be published after the trade fair on our website, and a selection of them will be featured in the 3-2015 fall issue of our printed Art Aurea journal. In addition, the photos will be used for EUNIQUE’s press relations and made available to discerning media along with a press release. Of course, the photos can also be used by the participants for their own PR work.
A maximum of 12 photo portraits can be produced per day, i.e. a total of 36 photos can be taken. If there are more applicants, they will be given their turn in the order of their application’s arrival or, in special cases, on the basis of quality criteria.

This is why we ask you to send us your application in good time – by April 29, 2015 at the latest. A short e-mail containing a link to your website will suffice.

Costs and dates

Production costs will be 90 euros per participant and photo (in Germany plus 19 % VAT). Participants showcased in the Showroom section of Art Aurea’s 2-2015 print edition and/or in an online portrait will be given a discount of 20%.

The photos will be taken on:

Friday, May 8, 2015, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday, May 9, 2015, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Paulina Tsvetanova
Melchiorstraße 26
10179 Berlin
Tel +49 (0)30-89623405

Reinhold Ludwig
Eichengrund 128
89075 Ulm
Tel +49 (0)731-9508490


Margit Jäschke. Photo Nikolaus Brade.
Margit Jäschke. Photo Nikolaus Brade.
Norman Vilalta. Photo Maite Caramés Pons.
Norman Vilalta. Photo Maite Caramés Pons.
Gemma Draper. Photo Maite Caramés Pons.
Gemma Draper. Photo Maite Caramés Pons.
Jan Wege. Photo Hans Hansen.
Jan Wege. Photo Hans Hansen.