Vessels with a life of their own

Examples by Josephine Lützel, Anna Sykora, Christof Lungwitz and Ludwig Menzel

Besides their original function vessels sometimes develop a life of their own and can stand for themselves in their aesthetics and sculptural quality. As our examples show.

Josephine Lützel

Winterhausen / Germany / / IHM Munich Hall B1 Stand 442


Vessels Basaltas. Oxidized 925 silver, tombac, H 16–36 cm.

Josephine Lützel‘s work with silver tableware is underpinned by a love of pleasure and presentation. Addressing shape and proportion is at the forefront – always with the underlying thought about function. She remains open to changes and refinements during the entire production process. “I often feel like I walk a tightrope between the applied arts and liberal arts. There are objects such as vases or bowls that let me work almost independently of the function. Here, I can run through and explore a shape in all its variants.”

Anna Sykora

Berlin / Germany / / IHM Munich Hall B1 Stand 42

anna-sykora-Vases from the series <em>Lyra</em>. Porcelain, 10, 18, 28 cm.

Vases from the series Lyra. Porcelain, 10, 18, 28 cm.

Christof Lungwitz

Leichlingen / Germany/

Bowls. Oiled padouk wood, 74,5 × 23 × 4,5 cm, 45 × 21 × 5 cm.

Bowls. Oiled padouk wood, 74,5 × 23 × 4,5 cm, 45 × 21 × 5 cm.

Tremendous inventiveness distinguishes the designs of Christof Lungwitz’s objects, which steadfastly resist categorization. This versatile designer and artist explains, “Each person can individually determine the usefulness of my storage bodies, whether purely functional, prestigious, or other values”. Laconically remarking that his work results from the fusion of art and craftsmanship, Lungwitz pleasantly and humbly professes his participation in the modern tradition. His finished artifacts convey their purist aura by focusing on the bare essentials. His forms serve their purposes, result from radical reduction and concentration of creative media, leave free space for living, and stand on their own rather than seeking to impose themselves.

Ludwig Menzel

Berlin / Germany / / while IHM Berliner Fenster, Aventinstraße 11, Munich


Sculpture ich fühl mich heute nicht so wohl (i do not feel so well today). Silver, enamel.