The London Group in Hochheim

Ceramics by Beate Kuhn, Karl and Ursula Scheid, Magarete Schott, Gerald and Gotlind Weigel, Sebastian Scheid and photos by Karl Scheid

London Group exhibition room Galerie Rosemarie Jäger

Exhibition room in the Galerie Rosemarie Jäger

ceramic vessel by Ursula Scheid

Ursula Scheid

Ceramics from Germany were almost unknown internationally until the late 1960s. This situation changed in 1968 thanks to an exhibition at Henry Rothschild’s Primavera Gallery in London. The show featured works by Margarete Schott, Ursula and Karl Scheid, Beate Kuhn, and Gotlind and Gerald Weigel. The event was a tremendous success and the participants afterwards presented their ceramics under the name London Group in a series of subsequent exhibitions, for example, at Galerie Rosemarie Jäger.

Gerald Weigel
Gerald Weigel
Gotlind Weigel
Gotlind Weigel
Beate Kuhn, ceramic vessel

Beate Kuhn

Now a small retrospective of their works from the estate of Eva and Hansgeorg Gareis will be shown. Over many decades, Mr and Mrs Gareis collected ceramics and maintained friendly relations with the ceramists of the London Group, assembling artworks mainly from the 1970s to the 1990s. Their great commitment to ceramics made possible a series of international exhibitions Form und Glasur at the Jahrhunderthalle of Hoechst AG.

Margarete Schott
Margarete Schott
Karl Scheid
Karl Scheid

In the Kabinett, photos by Karl Scheid show his view of nature and ceramics. The circle closes with ceramic works by Sebastian Scheid, who is also custodian of the ceramic estate of Eva and Hansgeorg Gareis.

Sebastian Scheid, ceramic vessel

Sebastian Scheid

London Group Works by Beate Kuhn

Works by Beate Kuhn

Text Reinhold Ludwig

Erschienen in ART AUREA 3-2015

  • Galerie Rosemarie Jäger
    Wintergasse 13
    65239 Hochheim am Main
  • 05.–06.09.2015 and 19.-20.09.2015
    11 am–6 pm