Take a Walk in my Soul.

Nicole Schuster and Rahel Fiebelkorn. Art Jewelry.

While Rahel Fiebelkorn faces inward, Nicole Schuster shows the external world. The jewelry exhibition presents the outcomes of these two opposite viewing directions.

“Based on ancient myths of femininity, we are shaped in form, color and symbolism. Or was it the other way around?” asks Rahel Fiebelkorn. She further explores this question with her jewelry and her superhero objects. Nicole Schuster’s wearable sculptures conjure abstract cities, landscapes and other significant architectural facilities. Some reflect on existing places, others seem to be futuristic landscapes. “I examine the existing outside world and reflect our attitude,” says Nicole Schuster.

Galerie Katrin Eitner is a moving gallery in temporary spaces. You can find the gallery at Elberfelder Str. 35 in Berlin during July and August 2014.

  • Galerie Katrin Eitner
    at Exhibitionspace Claudia Hartwig
    Elberfelder Straße 35
    10555 Berlin, Germany
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