Reduced forms, naturalism and symbolism.

Hanne Bay Lührssen
Using simple means to create spatial entities is Hanne Bay Lührssen’s hallmark. The pieces created by this Flensburg-based Danish jewelry designer are small sculptures to be worn on the body. Her new under construction brooch is a harmonious combination of only a few materials, a concept and precise workmanship. With her conceptual approach, Lührssen also questions traditional concepts of value associated with jewelry. Discussion, provocation and innovation are important to her. She is currently represented in the exhibition of pieces nominated for the Friedrich Becker Prize 2014 at the Kulturpalast Museum in Düsseldorf.
Flensburg / Germany /

Diamantmanufaktur Freiesleben
The Context Diamond’s cut is based on the diamond crystal’s octahedral structure. “Its purity and clarity highlight the diamond’s inner values in a unique manner,” says Freiesleben. Making for an aesthetic of formal simplicity and a fascinating refraction of light, it brings the mineral to new life. Incorporating the Context Diamond in a tension ring by Niessing has been a stroke of genius that brilliantly weds the stone’s clarity to the shape of the precious metal ring, which is available exclusively from the Freiesleben diamond manufactory.
Münster / Germany /

Petra Bitsch
With her work, Petra Bitsch tries to reinterpret the correlation between mythology and ancient symbols, while at the same time associating it with the traditional concepts that attribute meanings and effects to gemstones. “Characterized by a simple symbolism, my pieces of jewelry are also intended to keep their wearers’ thoughts of their dreams and values alive,” says this goldsmith from Bad Waldsee in Upper Swabia. Her handcrafted creations are all one-of-a-kind pieces that can also be made of fair-trade gold, if desired.
Bad Waldsee / Germany /

Tatjana Goldberg
Designing and manufactoring jewelry in a clear and geometric form is Tatjana Goldberg’s Passion.
Berlin / Germany /

Anne Rose Regenboog
The Dutch artist Anne Rose Regenboog dedicates not only jewelry, but also sculptures and paintings to her love for simple shapes.
Den Haag / The Netherlands /