Art Aurea’s Winter Issue 4-2014

Rituals and Objects

The winter issue of ART AUREA marks the completion of five full years since the magazine was re-established. That’s ample reason to celebrate this happy occasion with an especially opulent edition. The theme in our focal point shows that rituals are still as important as ever and that artistic objects are the optimal “energy carriers.”


Seldom has a ceramist been as authentically photographed in her atelier as has Lotte Reimers, the grande dame of German ceramic art, been portrayed by our photographer Miriam Künzli, whose remarkable photos accompany an insightful interview.


The photo spread was curated by Geer Pouls of Brutto Gusto in Berlin. The illustrations are an interplay of photographic artistry, contemporary ceramic (Johannes Nagel and Morten Løbner Espersen), studio glass (Massimo Micheluzzi and Bernard Heesen) and floristic (Takayuki Tomita).


The versatile culture of tea in Berlin surprises aficionados with lively traditions, ancient rites and innovative shop concepts. Read our Tea Times reportage, which leads you into three teahouses, each photographed by the wonderful Miriam Wählen.


No other contemporary silversmith can rival the dedication with which Antje Dienstbir has devoted herself to theme of the spoon. Explore imaginative cutlery on the interface between art and everyday culture!


Is jewelry merely an emblem of one’s personality? Or is it also something entirely different? André Gali’s interview with Reinhold Ziegler sheds light on these questions. And this Norwegian jewelry artist’s use of extraterrestrial material makes the article even more exciting.

As last year, ART AUREA 4-2014 includes the entire catalogue of this year’s Grassimesse, which will take place in Leipzig from October 24 to 26. Our magazine’s latest edition also features: discussions and announcements of important exhibits, incredible prices paid at auction for classic pieces of Scandinavian furniture, book reviews, the Showroom with highlights from the following Sieeraad, Hinterland and Winterräume trade fairs and exhibitions, as well as many other authentic artifacts.

Our subscribers can already feast their eyes on the new edition, which will be available in shops and galleries starting on October 22.