Longing for Simplicity

Art Aurea's Autumn Issue 3-2014

The principle of formal simplicity was first articulated in art, architecture and product design during the early years of modern era, but how relevant is this principle nowadays? The recently published autumn 3-2014 edition of Art Aurea focuses on this theme: The Longing for Simplicity presents artists, architects and designers whose creations combine constructive clarity and artistic quality, for example: the ceramist Emil Heger, photographed in his atelier by Achim Hatzium and accompanied by a text written by Dr. Walter Lokau; the architect Peter Zumthor, with a text by Susanne Längle; or the jewelry designer Carl Dau, photographed by Miriam Künzli.

The interview with Dr. Simone Schimpf, who directs the Museum für Konkrete Kunst [Museum of Concrete Art] in Ingolstadt, explores the latest trends that have developed from this artistic style, which has already written a chapter in the history of art. On the other hand, photographs by Hans Hansen need no words at all: the appealing simplicity of Japanese objects for daily use shows that the yearning for simplicity is not an invention of the modern era, but is deeply rooted in the culture of Asia and especially Japan.

Many of today’s youngest designers have likewise discovered the appeal of unpretentious simplicity: for example, the fashion designer Kristina Kehm, who was born in Kirgizia; or the Swiss designer Sara Zouaoui, who “upcycles” used glass in her lamps. All articles in the new edition of Art Aurea prove that opting to do without superfluity can disclose tremendous richness – and often also reveal the sustainability that so many people are talking about nowadays.

Published four times each year, Art Aurea highlights exciting themes related to art and artistically inspired design.