MKG Arts and Crafts Fair

From November 27 the 130 year old fair will take place in Hamburg again. At its opening the Justus Brinckmann Prize will be awarded

The traditional MKG Arts and Crafts Fair in Hamburg presents the finest contemporary crafts. This year the 130 year old museum fair – which belongs to the oldest of its kind in Germany – will take place from November 27 to December 6. It is being organized by the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg and its sponsoring members. During the fair the Justus Brinckmann Prize endowed with 7.500 euros will be awarded: As part of the opening ceremony on Thursday, November 26, at 7 pm it will be handed over to the winner previously selected by the jury from the 66 participants of the fair. In 2014 Antje Dienstbir received the award for her elegant and useful cutlery made from silver and wood, in the previous year the prize went to ceramist Kiho Kang.

Find a selection of works by MKG Arts and Crafts Fair participants here

Silke Spitzer

Berlin, Germany /

Necklace by Silke Spitzer

Necklace, 2015. Linoleum, wood, cotton. Photo Eric Tschernow

Claudia Westhaus

Hamburg, Germany /

Brooch by Claudia Westhaus

September brooch. Sterling silver, moveable elements. Photo Michael Marczok

Kazuaki Hayakawa

Hamm, Germany /

Object by Kazuaki Hayakawa

Universal Apple object. Borosilicate glass, gold, silver

Christiane Wilhelm

Munich, Germany /

Vase by Christiane Wilhelm

Madame vase. Stoneware and porcelain inlays, H 38 cm. Photo Dieter Hammer

Babette von Dohnanyi

Hamburg, Germany /

Brooch by Babette von Dohnanyi

Inebriation brooch, 2015. 925 silver, 3D print in corn, stainless steel, W 7,1 × H 2,8 cm

Antje Stutz

Berlin, Germany /

Brooches by Antje Stutz

Papiermodelle brooches. 925 silver, clips, lacquer

Anja Eichler

Berlin, Germany /

Brooch by Anja Eichler

Herzblut brooch, 2015. Quail eggs (hardened), silver, steel wire, 11 × 6 × 3 cm

Ulrike Isensee

Hamburg, Germany /

Scarf object by Ulrike Isensee

Transparent scarf object with pleating effect. Silk, sewn

Ulla und Martin Kaufmann

Hildesheim, Germany /

Bracelet by Ulla und Martin Kaufmann

Tira bracelet, 2014. 750 gold. Photo M. Hoffmann

Svato Zapletal

Hamburg, Germany /

Graphic by Svato Zapletal

Detail of a graphic from the book W. Shakespeare: 22 Sonette / Sonnets – DE/EN. Svato Verlag Hamburg

Hilde Janich

Essen, Germany /

Necklace by Hilde Janich

der Schattenwandler necklace, 2014. Dyed parchment, matted rock crystal, ca. 35 × 35 cm.
Photo Ralph Klein

Josephine Lützel

Winterhausen, Germany/

Bowls by Josephine Lützel

Hexagonale 01/02 bowls. 925 silver, forged, mounted, L 10 × W 9 × H 5 & L 9 × W × 7,5 × H 7

Isabell Schaupp

Augsburg, Germany /

Brooch by Isabell Schaupp

Häuser Carré brooch, 2015. Wood, lacquer, pigments, blackened silver, 7,3 × 7,3 × 2,2 cm

Michael Berger

Düsseldorf, Germany /

Rings by Michael Berger

Kinetic rings. 750 gold, stainless steel, Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls

Sabine Stasch

Hanover, Germany /

Hat by Sabine Stasch

Flow hat. 100 % virgin wool, tumbled, casual & fashionable

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