Ceramics by Guido Sengle

An Aura of solid Weightiness

Immediately recognizable thanks to their aesthetic clarity and timeless appeal, the thick-walled bowls and vases created by Guido Sengle radiate an aura of solid weightiness and supreme naturalness. Their shapes and monochrome glazes combine to form a harmonious entity devoid of any mannerism. There are not many ceramists who are able to craft such artistically accomplished, unique and authentic creations while limiting themselves so strictly to a specific formal repertoire.

Sengle has been focusing on this vessel spectrum ever since he studied in Kassel in the late 1970s, consistently exploring in long work processes the relation between wall thickness and height and the diameter of the workpiece concerned, while paying careful attention to the essential features of its well-defined structure, and developing an appropriate glaze to add an expressive finishing touch. In addition to their perfectly harmonious proportions, his vessels are characterized above all by the structures of their craquelure glazes. These crackles are the result of various glazing techniques that Sengle masters to perfection.

The request that the beholder approach his creations with mindful serenity also dates back to the early days of his creative career. With their unobtrusive shapes and subdued colors and hues, his porcelain and stoneware vessels not only invite us to meditate upon them, but even challenge us to explore every detail that contributes to their charm.

Guido Sengle will be attending the opening of the exhibition at the Keramion museum on September 21, 2014 at 11 a.m. A catalog will be published.

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