Exhibitors presenting Fashion, Crafts, Design and Art

The third two-day show at the Kulturhaus in Mestlin features 30 exhibitors presenting fashion, crafts, design and art—imaginative, innovative, modern and inventive, but above all handmade. The event begins at 6 p.m. on Friday, November 7th. There’ll then be opportunities to begin one’s first explorations and Tobias Bertzbach will transport the audience to the 1920s with wit, charm and a marvelous voice. The event is sponsored by the Verein Denkmal Kultur Mestlin e.V., which is dedicated to preserving the building, which it has enlivened with exhibitions, concerts and theater since 2009. Thanks to this, the venue was recognized as a cultural landscape of national importance in 2011. The association sees collaboration with “hinterland” as a stroke of good luck.

Elke Sada

Leipzig / Germany / elkesada.de


Vases Capriccio, 2013/2014. White earthenware. Photo Christoph Kremtz.

Barbara Wetzel

Katelbogen / Germany / barbara-wetzel.jimdo.com


Jetzt einen Diasporenvorrat anlegen. Woodcut on publishing paper, 50 × 50 × 2 cm.

Ute Dreist

Techentin / Germany / abgelegen.de


Stoneware, wheel-thrown, stamped, printed, salt-glazed.

Ute Dreist’s subtle yet dynamic ceramics are definitely intended to be used. Each piece is unique, fabricated with heart, hand and discerning eye. Her vessels and tankards rely on simple shapes and natural colors, while the flames of a wood fire leave traces on their surfaces. Ute Dreist describes her work: “The choice of clay, the firing process, and the resulting ceramics are a three-party harmony. The glaze surrounds each piece, cladding it in appropriate garb.”

Gabriele von Lehsten

Rothen / Germany / von-miller-schmuck.de


Bangle, acrylic, silver, coral.

Monique Hansch

Parmen / Germany / monique-hansch.de


Coat hooks Vicky, maple, galvanized steel, oiled, 4,8 × 6 cm, 7 × 10,2 cm, 8,6 × 13,8 cm. 


Built from variously sized horns, this five-part coat rack can be individually arranged on a wall. The finely hand-polished surface is a tactile delight. To maximize sturdiness, the wood’s grain runs to the tip of each horn. Affixed to the wall by a steel Rampa fitting and a hanger bolt, Vicky can bear even the weightiest pieces of clothing. As in every object by the wood designer Monique Hansch, here too she achieves a successful symbiosis of sculpture and article of daily use, form and function.

Birgit Hasse

Waldstraße 10 / Lenzen / Germany


Vessels, porcelain, engobe lines, feldspathic glaze, burnt in wood fire. Photo Hanno Leischke.

warabi‘s filztiere

Mestlin / Germany / warabis-welt.com


Schönhörnchen ( beautiful squirrel ). Wool, silk, beads.

Ralf Eggert

Woserin / Germany / handwerkwoserin.de


Sitting and massage ball. Peeled willow, ø ca. 55 cm.

Hanno Leischke

Dresden / Germany / hannoleischke.de


Sink, stoneware, burned in the wood stove. Photo H. Leischke.

Martin Wilmes

Ippener / Germany / martin-wilmes.de


Stools soloUno. Different kinds of wood, oiled, 47 × 46 × 30 cm.

Witt + Hirschler

Berlin / Germany / schriftbecher.de


Schriftbecher ( poetic word-cups ). Porcelain, stamped by hand, H 12 cm. Photo Martin Beck.

Ilse Bill

Rostock / Germany / Ilsebill@revierklunkerei.de


Brooch Ziervogel ( cage bird ). Riveted tin, silver, glass beads, needle.