Artwork for the Body and Objects for Interiors

Modules are a fundamental theme in design. They play an important role nowadays from the fabrication of products to the world of architecture. But some of the modules that Eva Maisch presents at Kulturspeicher Würzburg starting on October 16th and afterwards in her gallery on Sterngasse easily overleap the boundaries that would separate them from objets d’art.

The plugged together and hand-colored objects that Berlin-based Svenja John crafts from Makrolon are both marvelously wearable as jewelry and artistically sophisticated. Carl Dau precisely assembles his minimalistic wall objects from exactly identical, industrially manufactured modules. Xavier Coenen developed a highly variable and eminently practical shelving system that invites its users to create imaginative forms. With their variable components, the elegant pieces of jewelry for the ears that Sabine Hauss creates from urushi lacquer likewise stimulate the imagination. Heidemarie Ziebandt builds her artworks from unusual modules: sugar cubes serve as her building blocks. Robert Hoffmann’s constructivist lamps distinguish him as a crossover artist between the disciplines of design and fine art: Hoffmann sensitively weds function and artistic lighting dramaturgy. Finally, Naef Spiele’s success is due in no small measure to the little blocks that make every child a master builder. As always in her thematic exhibitions, Eva Maisch’s Modules exhibition in the context of Fine Arts at Kulturspeicher Würzburg invites viewers to experience a fascinating intersection of sets.

Vernissage 16.10., 19.00 Uhr
Kulturspeicher Würzburg, Germany

Subsequently, the exhibition will move to Eva Maisch gallery.

  • Galerie Eva Maisch
    Sterngasse 5
    97070 Würzburg, Deutschland
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