Aspects of sustainability in jewelry and textile art

Quality needs time. This was the motto of the Slow Food movement that started more than 25 years ago as a conceptual alternative to fast food and all its negative concomitant effects. The Slowcraft show, which will be presented at the Design Center Stuttgart as part of its In()sights exhibition series, will be focused around the same concept. What the curators Martina Dempf and René Lang intend is to inspire is a new appreciation for artistic manual work. Those who create high-quality and sustainable products by themselves have to engage in the time-consuming development and crafting processes, which also include developing appropriate concepts and ideas and choosing suitable materials, as well as the artists’ devotion to the objects they produce. Before an artist or designer can even think about creating something, they need an abundance of creativity, expert knowledge, experience and long years of practice. Showcasing the creations of ten selected designers from the textile and jewelry genres, the Slowcraft exhibition will present high-quality and sustainable solutions as food for thought to delight the public.

  • Sabine Mescher
  • Lucia Schwalenberg
  • Hellen van Rees
  • Christine Mayer
  • Peace Collection
  • Feilchenfeldt/Hepp.

  • Design Center Stuttgart
    Willi-Bleicher-Straße 19
    70174 Stuttgart
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