Couples in jewelry

Annamaria Zanella and Renzo Pasquale

The gallery Rosemarie Jäger regularly exhibits the works of major pairs in jewelry. This time: Annamaria Zanella and Renzo Pasquale.

Annamaria Zanella: Renzo and I first met at Padova Art School. That was in 1980; I was a young student and Renzo Pasquale taught jewellery art. But the workings of Destiny did not bring us together as a couple until twenty years later. One autumn morning, the search for a block of rock crystal took us to a stone-cutter’s in Milan. And it was this stone, this pure, transparent gift of Mother Earth, which made us a couple for the rest of our lives. Our mutual friend the master jeweller Francesco Pavan created our wedding rings and was a witness at our wedding. I always find Renzo’s way of working so striking; it is so completely different from my own. He applies the laws of mathematics and biology, following the path of science even in his creative moments. His expert stone-cutter’s hands shape refined and elegant forms which are pure geometry, yet infused with the equilibrium of the verses of the great Italian poets.

Renzo Pasquale: I studied biology at the University of Padova, and then teaching art, from glyptics to art school, brought me into contact with contemporary jewellery; so I’m self-taught. When I met Annamaria, I was past my first youth: I chose to live my life with her and to devote myself to my art, sharing the daily round with its joys and sorrows. I am fascinated by her breath-taking force, by the energy she puts into her work. I am enchanted by her beautifully balanced search for the colours she wants and by her eclectic combinations of different materials. She studied at Venice Fine Arts Academy, where she learned a working method quite different from the minimalist, geometric approach of the Padova group of goldsmiths.

AM & R: This describes us; this is our story. Our jewellery narrates our lives, our thoughts and our dreams, and our desire to turn matter into beauty.

Renzo Pasquale and Annamaria Zanella

Renzo Pasquale and Annamaria Zanella

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