Louisa Taylor
2000–2003 Studies Three-Dimensional Design: Ceramics, Bath Spa University
2006 Master in Ceramics and Glass, Royal College of Art, London
Since 2006 Studio in London
2009 Batch Production Award, British Ceramics Biennale, Stoke on Trent
2012 Artist in Residence, Vicotria and Albert Museum, London

Louisa Taylor

Discriminating design is indispensable for independent designers and makers. But the quality of the design itself has long since ceased to be a guarantor of success in an era when everything can be imitated and produced in countries where wages are low. What’s in demand now is the authentic, very special story behind the things. For example, the tales told by Louisa Taylor of London, whose fascination with historical tableware prompted her to develop a surprising concept. Born in 1980, this ceramicist shows that the theoretical and historical approach to tableware and dining customs is anything but dry and that it can result in inspiring ideas and highly sensual products.