Elisa Stützle-Siegsmund
1962 Born in Bad Saulgau, Germany
1981 Began to study at Stuttgart Polytechnic / afterwards worked as an engineer
1991–1993 Trained in ceramics and ceramic design under Jeff Kirk at the Glen Echo Pottery Studios, Washington DC
1994–2003 Worked at her own studio in Heidelberg / advanced training at the State Majolica Manufactory in Karlsruhe
2004–2008 Worked at a studio in the sculptors’ workshop of Berlin’s Professional Association of Visual Artists
Since 2008 Has been working at her own studio in Müllheim near Freiburg

Elisa Stützle-Siegsmund

Elisa Stützle-Siegsmund hand-builds her ceramics, thus creating vessels that aren’t perfectly symmetrical, yet are characterized by a compellingly harmonious appearance that they seem to have been striving for during the process of creation. Most of them have matte, rough, painted surfaces that lend them an imposing yet graceful aura. The distinctive features of both her vessels and her small-format wall objects include reliefed sections, steps and bands, as well as the deliberately preserved marks of the crafting process. Since her training in the USA, Elisa Stützle-Siegsmund has been using local materials, most of which originate from her Southern German homeland or from Alsace and Northern Switzerland, thus highlighting her creations’ regional authenticity and uniqueness.