Lucie Rie
1902 Born in Vienna, Austria
1925 First Studio in Vienna
1938 Emigration to England
1995 Died in London, England

Lucie Rie

Even before her emigration to England Lucie Rie celebrated great sucess in international exhibitions with her delicate yet dynamic and powerful vessels. Encouraged by Josef Hoffmann et al,  in modernist Vienna she had developed an urban style which stood in marked contrast to the earthy rustic works of Bernard Leach, favored in England . Since the 1950s her carefully crafted pieces which she had always sold at relatively high prices found  wider appeal and started to appear in major collections. Nowadays we talk of the ‘Lucie Rie Quiver’ that pervades the surfaces of the strict and often colored vessels. At auction the works of this icon of the British post-war ceramics now generate maximum prices.

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