Lotte Reimers
1932Born in Hamburg, Germany
1951–1961Years of travel through Germany with Wilhelm Hinder
Since 1961Has been involved in the activities of the Museum for Modern Ceramics in Deidesheim, Germany
Since 1965Has been creating ceramics
Since 1976Rhineland-Palatinate State Prize, Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany and other important awards

Lotte Reimers

Lotte Reimers crafts her impressive ceramics from coarse grog clays, shaping them entirely without using a potter’s wheel. Her creations’ characteristics include rimose, rough edges, grooves, incisions and relief surface textures, as well as thick walls and heavy bodies that contrast with delicate necks and gently curved lines. This ceramist extraordinaire has always mixed her own glazes from stones, wood ash and colored earths. She applies them layer by layer by pouring, throwing or applying them with a brush, or by immersing an object in the glaze, but she also allows unglazed surfaces to unfold their appeal. The results are objects that exude an aura of primordial puissance and beauty. “I have always felt a compulsive and at the same time seductive urge to create ceramics that combine opposites and radiate a sense of serenity, while at the same time adumbrating tamed elemental forces,” she says. The prices range from 175 to 4500 euros.

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Lotte Reimers – Exhibition 2019

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