Gottfried Palatin
1959 Born in Steinberg, Austria
1979 Graduated from a technical school for ceramic design
1980–1983 Lengthy study stays in Asia
Ab 1984 Work in a Viennese porcelain art studio
1990 First own porcelain objects
1993–2014 Cooperation with international design companies, the Augarten porcelain manufactory in Vienna and the Theresienthal glass crystal manufactory
Starting in 2014 Exclusive production of own porcelain objects

Gottfried Palatin

Gottfried Palatin’s lidded boxes with volatile colored glazes combine rigorous formal clarity and one-of-a-kind sensuality. This designer uses high-quality porcelain, which shrinks fifteen percent during the firing process, so extreme precision is required throughout the production. Gottfried Palatin begins the design process with countless sketches and drawings. The intended dimensions are drawn in fine lines on a molded block of alabaster gypsum, which is subsequently shaped by hand. The intuitive grinding process enables the designer to successfully give a timeless formal quality to each object. The vitreous brilliance of the colored glazes, which are likewise based on many years of experimentation, transforms each and every box into a magical object. The price range of the objects ranges from 180 to 1,200 euros.