Heide Nonnenmacher
1951 Born in Stuttgart, Germany
1974 Graduated as an arts teacher from the University of Education in Schwäbisch Gmünd
1982 Set up her own atelier
2003 Artist in Residence, Shigaraki, Japan
2014 Won the Baden-Württemberg State Award
2023 Hessian State Award for the object ZeitRaum (period)

Heide Nonnenmacher

The objects created by Heide Nonnenmacher are eminently filigreed and irresistibly beautiful creations that also radiate a somewhat mysterious aura. It’s hard to believe that they have been crafted from porcelain, and this is exactly what this ceramist intends. Even though her pieces’ forms and shapes seem to lure the beholder into an esoteric world, they’re not entirely the products of the artist’s imagination, but have also been inspired by the plant and animal worlds. The filled bowls of her Orto Botanico series are characterized by a captivating contrast: the outer shells, often enhanced with textured surfaces or delicate ornaments, envelop and shelter a delicate interior composed of gossamer-thin, either straight or curled lamellae nestling against each other in layers. The prices range from 120 to 1490 euros.