Sonngard Marcks
1959 Born in Lutherstadt Eisleben
1979–1986 Study, diploma and additional study at the art college Burg Giebichenstein, Halle / Saale
Since 1986 Freelance artist
1998 Working stay for 3 month in Japan
2008 Bavarian State Prize
2017 Prize of the Grassifair Leipzig

Sonngard Marcks

Sonngard Marcks sees the main motif of her artistic work in preservation. With her unique faiences, she wants to transform the dimension of loss in nature into a sensibly perceptible experience. She focuses on the category of beauty as a prerequisite for empathy. The artist is fascinated by what initially seems inconspicuous. During the observation process, one discovers new aspects, detects cross connections and one’s view becomes more comprehensive. When sketching, one’s gaze seeks the essentials first, i.e. the line that points in the direction of growth. Graphic methods suggest themselves, pure black and white, “sketching” with scissors, and translating the results into the ceramic material. “Encounter with a theme’s contents always sparks further interest in me. Time becomes irrelevant. The cycle of observation and newness never ends.”

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