Morten Lobner Espersen
1965Born in Aalborg, Denmark
1987–92Studied at the School of Design, Ceramics, Kopenhagen
1989–90Diploma, École Duperré, Paris
Since 1992Studio in Kopenhagen
2005–2011Professor at the HDK Göteborg

Morten Lobner Espersen

For a long time his forms have been simple but powerful shapes, as a counterpoint to the complexity of the glazes. With Horror vacui (fear of empty space) Morten Lobner Espersen refers to pottery items from the Greek geometric period whose décors cover the entire surface. Espersen regards the vessel shape as a neutral yet powerful form that serves him as a starting point to abundantly enhance a vase – this archetypical vessel form – with a three-dimensional, entwined ornament. Glossy glazes underline his pieces’ expressive forms. Applying layer upon layer of glaze is Espersen’s most effective means to create complex surface textures and colors. “Re-glazing a surface several times means risking complete destruction because the glazes eat their way through the clay”, he says. Prices range from 1350 to 15300 euros.

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An Interview with Morten Løbner Espersen

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  • Germany
      • Brutto Gusto

        AddressWielandstraße 34
        10629 Berlin
        Phone+49 (30) 3087 4646
        TimesMonday - Saturday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

        ART AUREA available
  • USA
      • Jason Jacques Gallery

        Address29 East 73rd street
        10021 New York
        Phone+1 212535 7500
        TimesMo–So 11–19 Uhr
      • Hedge Gallery

        Address501 Pacific Avenue
        94133 San Francisco
        Phone+1 415 433 2233
        TimesThu–Fri 11–18 Uhr
        Sat 11–17 Uhr

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