Sung Chul Kim
1980 Born in Pohang, South Korea
2008–2014 Studied Crafts and Design at Seoul National University, Korea, and earned his BA
Seit 2014 Joined the master’s degree program in Crafts and Design at Seoul National University, Korea

Sung Chul Kim

The white oil lamps created by this Korean ceramist Sung Chul Kim are the result of working with maximized precision. The specimens in his Moon series are based on semi-spheres crafted from wheel-thrown porcelain. Sung Chul Kim deliberately crafts one half larger than the other and then joins the two parts so as to form an oval. Only after the firing process, when the two parts have fused into one piece, does he remove the projecting material using sandpaper. When lit, Kim’s lamps change their appearance, radiating cozy warmth instead of cool elegance, and their austere shapes take on a soft and flowing quality. Thanks to the glazed porcelain’s reflective surface, the flame’s luminance is significantly increased. The sales prices range between 500 and 3,000 euros.

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