Angelika Jansen
1955 Born in Kempen on the Lower Rhine
1974–1978 Studied Ceramics Design in Krefeld under Professors Modigell and Albrecht
Seit 1978 Freelance artist and ceramics designer in Brüggen/Lower Rhine region
2005–2017 Repeatedly participated in the Manu Factum North Rhine-Westphalia State Exhibition
2010 3rd prize at the Euregio Ceramics Competition, B-Raeren

Angelika Jansen

Angelika Jansen’s vessels are characterized by clear-cut, minimalist shapes. After initially firing them in an electric kiln, she uses the pit firing technique, also known as the saggar technique, of firing the objects after wrapping them in plant parts, cloths or even magazines, thus bringing about partly planned, partly random visual worlds on their surfaces, located somewhere between Naturalism and Art Informel. “I look for something that I don’t know yet, and find what I’ve been looking for,” says the artist. Her design elements also include objects she found – starting from roots and twigs all the way to discarded utilitarian objects – which she preserves in her creations as symbols.