Emil Heger
1961             Born in Konstanz, Germany
1986–1988Years of training under Gerd Knäpper in Japan
1990–1993Studied at the Institute of Ceramic and Glass Arts in Höhr-Grenzhausen
2004–2006Head of the Koblenz Chamber of Crafts’ Center of Excellence for Design, Production and Communication
Since 2009Teaching assignment at the Institute of Ceramic and Glass Arts in Höhr-Grenzhausen

Emil Heger

The sculptural quality of the clay, the immediacy of the throwing process, and glazes used as an artistic medium play an influential role in Emil Heger’s work. His Thrown Shapes crafted from stoneware or porcelain capture dynamic moments in visual form, and the process of a ceramic object’s growth and evolution. Yet due to their powerful presence, they manage to convey much more. Their clear-cut shapes and their surfaces enhanced with glossy or matte glazes radiate an aura of impressive vibrancy. Arranged in spatially encompassing groups, these archetypical vessel bodies seem to be engaged in a silent dialog, which adds another dimension to their spatiality and emphasizes their sculptural quality. So Heger’s crafting them in sizes of up to 1.80 meters high and 70 cm in diameter is an impressive and at the same time consistent approach. Everything is possible, and nothing is absolute.

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Emil Heger – Silent Magnitude