Pippin Drysdale
1943Born in Melbourne, Autralia
1986Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia
Since 1997Adjunct Research Fellow, School of Art , Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia
Since 2007Master of Australian Craft

Pippin Drysdale

The Australian sandstone hills and mountains with their characteristic stripes and coloration are the most important sources of inspiration for Pippin Drysdale’s recent works. Developing a palette of colors and carving the fine lines into the vessels’ surfaces is a time-consuming process, fraught with risk and potentially thwarted by flaws incurred during the subsequent firing process. Yet it’s precisely due to this balancing act that these vessels radiate an inimitable presence that captivates the beholder. Arranged into tablescapes, they represent the topography of ant hills and mountain ranges, of stretches of flat spinifex grassland and steep ridges. The Australian Crafts Council honored Drysdale’s oeuvre by awarding her the title of Master of Australian Craft in 2007.

Represented by

  • Belgium
      • Puls Contemporary Ceramics

        Puls Gallery
        AddressEdelknaapstraat 19 rue du Page (Châtelain)
        B-1050 Brussels, Belgium
        Phone+32 (0)494 83 60 55
        TimesWed–Sat 1–6 pm
  • Germany
      • Galerie Marianne Heller

        AddressFriedrich-Ebert-Anlage 2
        Im Stadtgarten
        69117 Heidelberg
        Phone+49 (0)6221 61 90 90
        TimesTuesday–Friday 11 am–1 pm and 2 pm–6 pm
        Saturday 11 am–4 pm

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