Danner Prize 2023

Works by the winners and further 36 contest participants will be on display in the Heiliggeistkirche, Landshut.

The Danner Prize, one of the most important awards in this field, was awarded for the fourteenth time in 2023. The competition promotes new design ideas and developments in the field of crafts. A jury of experts awards the Danner Prize, which is endowed with 15,000 euros. Four honorary prize winners each receive 4,000 euros.

Gunther Pfeffer, master carpenter, designer and detail enthusiast, received the Danner Prize for this filigree showcase cabinet. Photo Eva Jünger.

Gunther Pfeffer won the Danner Prize 2023 for his showcase cabinet “Raster.” The delicate exterior of the cabinet is made from a grid of fir slats and alternates between transparent and closed, depending on the angle of view, thus inviting its viewers to actively engage with the object and to seek what lies behind it. Honorary prizes were awarded to Christiane Englsberger for her headdress “Fülle” made of rye straw, to Beate Leonard for her vase made of tombac, to Nico Schipp for his ceramic installation “Lined up” and to Christoph Straube for his enamel brooches, which create an illusion of three-dimensionality.

This year’s exhibition of the Danner Foundation takes place in cooperation with the museums of the city of Landshut. For the presentation in the light-flooded Heiliggeistkirche, the following artists were selected in addition to the award winners: Otto Baier, Ute Kathrin Beck, Nicole Beck, Veronika Beckh, Roswitha Berger-Gentsch, Brigitte Bezold, Alexander Blank, Sarah Cossham, Susanne Elstner, Christian B. Felber, Christiane Förster, Josef Forstmaier, Simone Geißler, Bettina Graber-Reckziegel, Rita Große-Ruyken, Nicola Heidemann, Sebastian Hepp, Berthold Hoffmann, Kati Jünger, Nora Kain, Klaus Kirchner, Konrad Koppold, Doris Leuschner, Tanja Major, Waltraud Münzhuber, Julia Obermaier, Brigitte Rambold, Jochen Rüth, Karla Schabert, Monika J. Schödel-Müller and Werner B. Nowka, Nelly Stein, Michaela Tkadleček, Peter Verburg, Corinna Wagner, Norman Weber, and Christiane Wilhelm. 

The Danner Prize has lost none of its appeal and importance in the course of its 39-year history. For example, approximately 150 artisans participated in the 2023 competition. The jury deemed the works of 36 other competition participants worthy of the Danner Prize exhibition, which takes place in the Heiliggeistkirche in Landshut, where the Gothic hospital church is a prominent urban accent in the lower part of the old town. With its three naves, the light-flooded church provides the museums of the city of Landshut with an exciting space for fresh stagings and dialogues between epochs of ancient and modern art.

Benno and Therese Danner’sche Crafts Foundation

Therese Danner (1861-1934), the widow of an economist, founded the Danner Foundation in 1920 at the suggestion of Prof. Karl Rothmüller, goldsmith to the royal Bavarian court, and out of her philanthropic desire to cultivate and strengthen “solid, down-to-earth crafts” in Bavaria and, above all, to encourage and support talented young artisans. For more information on the Danner Foundation’s sponsorships, go to: https://www.danner-stiftung.de/foerderungen.php 

Registrations for the award ceremony on October 11, 2023

To register, go to: https://2023.danner-preis-registrierung.de (Registration is possible from September 11)  and enter the password “Danner-Preis-2023”. A confirmation with QR code will be emailed to successfully registered guests. Please bring this confirmation with you to the ceremony, either printed out or on your mobile phone.

  • Danner-Preis 2023 –
    Ausgezeichnetes Kunsthandwerk
    Heiliggeistkirche Landshut
    Heiliggeistgasse 394
    D-84028 Landshut
  • Tuesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Admission: free
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