Zeughausmesse Arts and Craft Days 2022

Expect 100 craft artists from a wide-ranging variety of artistic disciplines.

Professional applied artists, including international applicants, may apply for Berlin-based Zeughausmesse Arts and Craft Days 2022 until the 30th of April 2022. Zeughausmesse is a leading Applied Arts fair in Germany. This year’s event, moved to KühlhausBerlin in Luckenwalder Straße due to its original location undergoing renovations, will take place from the 13th to the 16th of October 2022.


KühlhausBerlin, with its turn-of-the-century industrial architecture, offers a dynamic event location for Zeughausmesse. Photograph by Stefan Reinberger.

Approximately 100 exhibiting artists will present their work on all floors of this atmospheric and expansive indoor space. According to the organizer, Applied Arts Association Berlin-Brandenburg, space for special exhibits will be provided in addition to individual displays.

Application information may be found here: www.zeughausmesse.de.

Juried Open Call

This application is open to applied artists, designers and artisans of all artistic disciplines. Exhibitors will be selected by a professional jury after applying through the application form found on the site linked above. This independent jury will be appointed by the organizer to consider all applicants and determine a final selection based on the applications’ merit. By submitting your application, you are committing to participate and agreeing to Zeughausmesse’s terms and conditions.

Friederike Maltz

Hand forged steel cutlery by Friederike Maltz, exhibitor at Zeughausmesse – Arts and Craft Days. Photograph by Friederike Maltz.

Rainer Wiencke

Goldsmith Rainer Wiencke has been a long-term participant at Zeughausmesse Arts and Craft Days. Photograph by Stefan Reinberger.

Four Applied Arts Awards

Four prestigious Applied Arts awards will be presented at this year’s Zeughausmesse. For this decision, a professional jury will consider all exhibiting artist’ displays at the 25th Zeughausmesse Arts and Craft Days 2022.

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