Material Awareness

Creative craftsmanship, art and author design against corona tristesse. To the new Art Aurea – Issue 42, Winter 2020.

All crafts have in common a profound understanding of materials – or even a consciousness of the materials per se. True masters breathe life into their material, give it expression and even a soul, as some people say. Under the title “Material Consciousness” issue 42 of Art Aurea sheds light on a complex relationship that is being discussed and defined anew in our crisis-ridden times. The articles in the winter issue:

A Second Life

Jiro Kamata studied at the Munich Art Academy. Now he turns used camera lenses into jewelry. In her text, Julie Metzdorf describes the career of the artist, how he discovered “his” material and what is important to him personally. Ulrike Myrzik took impressive photos.

Jiro Kamata, Art Aurea

The jewelry artist Jiro Kamata in his studio in Munich. Photo: Ulrike Myrzik.

Joint Smithing Projects

Today Michael Schimmel works together with his son Janos Freuschle – formerly also with Wilfried Moll. Inspired by two freestanding chandeliers at the funeral service of the important silversmith, Rüdiger Joppien visited the art blacksmith Michael Schimmel and his family. This developed into the story of a family in which new design ideas nourish the blacksmith’s craft. Rüdiger Joppien has also woven a kind of obituary for Wilfried Moll. Leona Ohsiek photographed for Art Aurea for the first time – and the results were immediately wonderful.

Wilfried Moll, Art Aurea

Michael Schimmel in his forge workshop. Photo: Leona Ohsiek.

Making Art, Making Peace

Together with Bosnian women Lucia Lienhard-Giesinger is making marvellous quilts. It all began in a home for war refugees in Vorarlberg in 1993 – an exemplary example of how art and craftsmanship can alleviate need, heal wounds and contribute to peacemaking. An article by Reinhold Ludwig with a thoroughly political dimension.

Bosna Quilts, Art Aurea

Quilt by Lucia and Vesna from the Bosna Quilt workshop, 2019. 107 x 141 cm. Photo: Bosna Quilt.

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water

Not mastering the material, but winning it as a co-creator. An exhibition project from the north. This is how the motto of the exhibition in the Norwegian gallery F15 could be summarized. Seventeen Nordic artists and artist groups took part. The show was accompanied by a book published by arnoldsche Art Publishers with original pictures and texts that are well worth reading – the original Nordic texts are unfortunately only translated into English but not into German.

Warth Wind Fire Water, Art Aurea

Installation by Hedvig Winge in the exhibition Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. Photo: Vegard Kleven.

The Danner-Rotunde

The short history of the comprehensive collection of art jewelry in the Pinakothek der Moderne. Munich is often called the “global capital of art jewelry.” The Danner Rotunda in the Pinakothek der Moderne also contributes to this renown. Our author Renate Luckner-Bien tells this story like a fairytale. And it is not entirely coincidental that the narrative developed into a brief history of modern art jewelry. Other short but equally interesting articles in the new issue:

Jewelry and the Plumber’s Craft

Anniversary exhibition of Susanne Hammer at Wolfgang Huber in Kißlegg.

Keizo Sugitani and Arvid Boecker

A ceramic artist and a painter in the gallery Marianne Heller.

Shinichi Sawada’s Beings

Japanese ceramic art in the Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin.

2020 Baden-Württemberg State Awards

The winners are Elena and Nicola Burggraf, Gabi Ehrminger and Mirjam Hiller.

Danner Prize 2020

Bavarian arts and crafts in the Pinakothek der Moderne.

Stuttgart as Guest in moswelt

Monika Assem’s new concept store in Karlsruhe.