Sense Mesura – Beyond All Measure

During Munich Jewelry Week gallery tal20 presents a project of four young Spanish jewelry designers on the relationship between the artist and his tool.

Sense Mesura is what four young Spanish women call the jewelry project they launched to visualize people’s relationships with their tools. According to them, tools are the perfect intermediaries for inspiring us to reflect upon jewelry and art. Carla Garcia Durlan is interested in the signs of handling and use that tools acquire over the course of time. Clara Niubò regards tools as mediators between our imagination and the material world. Tools are partners that make our lives easier, says Sandra Llusà. This is why she wants to view them from a different perspective, not focusing on their rigidity and strength, but regarding them as constructs of delicate fragility. Maria Diez Serrat fragments tubular elements to explore their interiors, combines them and gives them a new lease on life in the shape of small figurines. During the Munich Jewelry Days, Petra Waibel-Grotjans and Elke Sunder Plaßmann will be showcasing this highly imaginative project in their gallery.

Maria Diez

Maria Diez, Brooch. Brass, copper

Clara Niubò

Clara Niubò, Brooch. Brass, paint, methacrylate, tile, silver

Sandra Llusà

Sandra Llusà, Brooch. Bronze, cotton thread, silver

Carla Garcia

Carla Garcia Durlan, Brooch. Wood, acrylic paint and nickel silver

  • Schmuckgalerie tal20
    Tal 20
    80331 Munich

  • Opening 9.3.2017 4 pm
    Monday–Friday 11am–7pm
    Saturday 10am–4pm
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