Renate Heintze. Fazit

The monograph of the jewelry artist will be introduced on the occasion of the exhibition "Renate Heintze. Klassiker der Moderne" at IHM's special show "Schmuck 2017".

Renate Heintze

Brooch, 1983. Silver, fabric, 9,5 cm. Photo Janos Stekovics

The goldsmith Renate Heintze (1936–1991) belonged to the generation of jewelry artists who, in the 1960s, transcended the boundaries of their craft’s traditionally artisanal work and became trailblazers of international auteur jewelry. She was head of the jewelry class at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle from 1974 until her death. Complemented by design sketches and models, the book’s comprehensive illustration section shows selected works from all of her work groupings. Many of these jewelry creations form part of public and private collections nowadays. The Art Museum in Moritzburg Halle, the Museum of Decorative Arts in Berlin and the Grassi Museum of Applied Arts in Leipzig have even acquired larger collections of her jewelry. Since the Danner Rotunda was created in 2004, Renate Heintze’s creations have also been showcased as part of the permanent exhibition of the Neue Sammlung – the International Design Museum in Munich. In addition to the large-format photos, the monograph includes five succinctly written essays by renowned authors, plus a commented and illustrated biography, providing condensed information about an artist whose oeuvre perfectly illustrates the prevalent image of contemporary art jewelry. The book will be published to accompany the exhibition entitled “Renate Heintze. A Modern Classic” at the special “Jewelry 2017” show at Munich’s International Crafts Fair, as well as the speech entitled “Renate Heintze – her path to studio jewelry” that Katja Schneider will be giving at the Neue Sammlung – the International Design Museum in Munich’s Pinakothek der Moderne on 12 March 2017.

Renate Heintze

Necklace Große Perlenkette [Large Pearl chain], 1990. Silver surface-finished, hollow mounted gold. Photo Janos Stekovics


Brooch Paar [Couple], 1977. Embossed silver, turmaline, 4 cm. Photo Janos Stekovics


Brooches Vogel und Stein [Bird and Stone] and Mann und Kissen [Man and Willow], 1987. Aluminum, citrine, stainless steel, turquois, 8,5 cm and 7 cm. Photo Janos Stekovics

Renate Heintze

Necklace, 1990. Silver, Ø 30 cm. Photo Janos Stekovics

“Renate Heintze. Fazit” will be published by the Janos Stekovics Publishing House, and has been edited by Renate Luckner-Bien in collaboration with Margit Jäschke. Texts by Petra Hölscher, Margit Jäschke, Christiane Keisch, Wolfgang Lösche and Katja Schneider, photos by Janos Stekovics. German / English, format: 23 x 28 cm, 96 pages, hardcover, Janos Stekovics, Dössel, 2017, price: € 25.00

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