Inhorgenta 2017: Sustainable and Modern

At Germany's most important jewelry and watch fair, the trend continues towards reduced and refined materials.

Trade fair Inhorgenta in Munich is world leader for an unpretentious, simple jewelry culture. In addition to modest and noble materials, jewelry designers and German manufacturers in particular rely on craftsmanship, technical skills and an authentic design handwriting.

New at Inhorgenta, which will take place from 18 to 21 February in Munich, is this year’s Inhorgenta Award. In each of the categories “Fine Jewelry – Best Brand of the Year” and “Fashion Jewelry – Best Brand of the Year” there will be a prize for designers, watch innovations as well as jewelers. If you are looking for original novelties, Hall C2 and B1 is recommended. Under the name “Contemporary Design & Vision”, Hall C2 is regarded as the most important international platform for contemporary jewelry design. In Hall B1 there are manufacturers from the area “Fine Jewelry” with factories such as Henrich & Denzel, Gellner or Isabell Fa. Here are some examples of new jewelry works by designers, which will be shown in Munich.

Anke Hennig Schmuckdesign / Inhorgenta, C2, Stand 226, Gang B

Anke Henning, Halsschmuck

hybrid small, necklace

Christine Matthias / Inhorgenta, C2, Stand 610

Christine Matthias, Brosche

Brooch, silver, spinel

Claudia Hoppe / Inhorgenta, C2, Stand 315

Claudia Hoppe, Halsschmuck

band, Collier, 750 gold

Dorothea Brill / Inhorgenta, C2, Stand 210

Dorothea Brill, Collier

Collier, Necklace and bracelet, 925 silver

Gerullis-Seliger / Inhorgenta, C2, Stand 214

Gerullis Seliger, Ring

Othello, Ring, blackend silver, fine gold

Gerullis-Seliger / Inhorgenta, C2, Stand 214

Gerullis Seliger, Halsschmuck

Wrapped colliers, silver fine gold plated

Nicole Walger / Inhorgenta, C2, Stand 203, Gang B

Nicole Walger, Ringe

für dich für mich für uns, Wedding rings, fine gold

oliver schmidt / Inhorgenta, C2, Stand 303


Bänder ineinander, Ring, 750 rose gold

Rudi Sand / Inhorgenta, C2, Stand 238 (BKV-Areal)

Rudi Sand, Kette

Collier, 900/1000 gold

Sabine Müller / Inhorgenta, C2, Stand 301, Gang C

Sabine Müller ring, Inhorgenta

snowy, ring, silver, plastic

Mareen Alburg Duncker / Inhorgenta, C2, Stand 321

Mareen Duncker, 3 Ringe

Three rings, silver 925, casted

Susanna Kuschek / Inhorgenta, C2, Gang B, Stand 236 BKV


Fluir, Halsschmuck , Silber

Vera Rhodius / Inhorgenta, C2, Stand 225

Vera_Rhodius, Anhaenger

Anhänger, gewickeltes Glas, Silber Roségold plattiert, Textilkordel

Vincent van Hees / Inhorgenta, C2, Stand 202

Vincent van Hees

Ring Model VÅR 2, Rotgold 585 mit braunem Brillanten

Violetta Elisa Seliger / Inhorgenta, C2, Stand 214, Forum Konzepte

Violetta Seliger, Ohrschmuck

Ohrschmuck, Silber, Feingold plattiert

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    81823 Munich, Germany
  • 18.–20.02.2017 9am–6pm
    21.02.2017 9am–5pm
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