Eunique 2016 fair

Objects by artists and makers at the fair for Applied Arts in Karlsruhe

Individual jewelry design, handmade ceramic and glass objects, fashion and accessories, furniture and home accessories: The Eunique 2016 fair for Applied Arts and Design opens its doors from June 3rd to 6th for the 8th time. Here you’ll find our selection of artists and makers that will participate in this year’s Eunique in Karlsruhe.


Eunique 2016

Pineapple chandelier. Recycled plastic, found objects & souvenirs, pearls, LEDs, H 150 cm, Design Magpie Art Collective

Heidi Schulze-Merian

Eunique 2016

Trias necklaces, 2016. Layered acrylic tapes

Victoria Tobostai

Eunique 2016

Japanese Dream “Frühling” vase with lid. Ceramics, H 75 cm, W 35 cm

Vera Rhodius

Eunique 2016

Necklace. Glass, silver fine gold plated

Annette Lechler

Eunique 2016

Cercle ouvert 2.4-9 adjustable body jewelry. Plastic, steel thread, L ca. 120 cm. Photos Kirsten Bohlig

Tanja Zessel

Eunique 2016

KIKI ring. Stainless steel with tourmaline

Sandra A. Fuchs

Eunique 2016

The Duality of Basic Desires objects, 2015. Glass, each 52 × 26 × 8 cm

Hendrike Roers

Eunique 2016

Meduse object. Drawing film

Hirsch – Woodenheart

Eunique 2016

Maxime bowl. Oak, stained, oiled, lacquered, Ø 33 × H 15 cm

Maßschuhmacherei Hennemann & Braun

Eunique 2016

Unique items for ladies and gentlemen. Ankle boots for men. Box calf leather

Hedi Schon

Eunique 2016

ungleiche Zwillinge objects. Glass, colored wire

Claudia Biehne &

Eunique 2016

Memory traces. Porcelain, 60 × 45 × 48 cm

Atelier Barbara und Stephan Frank

Eunique 2016

Earrings. 750 gold, 935 silver, oxidized, citrine, agate

Artemis Zafrana

Eunique 2016

gewickelt bangles. Silver, colored steel wire

Marina Jacob Design

Eunique 2016

Crushed Ice ring. White gold, green beryl, diamonds. Winner Gem-Empathy Award 2015. Photo J. Liedtke

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