Taste takes artistic crafts to artgenève

Schweizer Kunstmesse zeigt Angewandte Kunst

Monique Deul wants to highlight craftsmanship.

Monique Deul wants to highlight craftsmanship.

The fourth artgenève begins on January 29th. The interesting characteristic: this relatively new art fair at the foot of Mont Salève also functions as a platform for the applied arts. For the first time this year, the Taste Contemporary Craft collective, which Monique Deul founded in 2012, will have the honor of serving as the curator of an exhibition of contemporary crafts. The Taste collective unites an international group of next-generation and established designers who work in the genres of ceramics, glass, metals, textiles, and wood.
Commenting on the current situation, Taste says, “We’ve become desensitized by democratization, reproduction and industrialization in all aspects of our lives.” Artistic handcraftsmanship, in Taste’s view, is both a refreshing antidote to mass production and simultaneously enables us to renew our relationship to things. The members of the collective believe that their successful exhibition in early 2014 was responsible for Taste now being given the opportunity to present a selection of its repertoire at artgenève. The objective is to organize a large exhibition with artists at least once each year. In addition, diverse thematic events are organized throughout the year to shed light on particular artists or disciplines. Among the other artifacts which Taste will display at the art fair this year are pieces by the glass artists Baldwin & Guggisberg, the silversmith Wiebke Meurer, and the ceramic artists Sara Flynn, Anne Marie Laureys and Alison Britton:

Other designers who’ll show their work at Taste in 2015 are:

Juliette Bigley
Michael Brennand-Wood
Katharine Coleman
Philip Eglin
Liam Flynn
Sara Flynn
David Gates
Ernst Gamperl
Janis Heezen
Anne Marie Laureys
Frances Lambe
Jong-Min Lee
Nel Linssen
Tobias Møhl
Barbara Nanning
Michael Peterson
Marc Ricourt
Caroline Slotte
Andrea Walsh
Nick Webb
Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert

Text Agata Waleczek

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