Structures and the Sound of Colors

Helmut Gutbrod and Sophie Baumgärtner at Spandow Gallery


Sophie Baumgärtner, Brooches Getier, 2014. Steel and other materials. Photo Karina Hagemann.

Spandow Gallery’s spring exhibition features graphics and paintings by Helmut Gutbrod and jewelry by Sophie Baumgärtner. The lines and structures in Gutbrod’s pictures correspond to the well-tempered sounds of colors in his earlier music. The sketchlike pieces of jewelry, which Baumgärtner calls Getier (Beasts), were inspired by her encounter with nature, the symbolic meaning of insects, and steel buildings remi-niscent of skeletons. “The line as a contour of the body remains visible, accentuates its spatial character… and creates a disconcerting event on the wearer’s body, a kind of ‘attractive absurdity.’” The individual pieces of jewelry tell tales of originality and are self-referential thanks to their sheer materiality, explains this jewelry artist. Baumgärtner won the prize for young craftsmanship from the Bavarian Crafts Association, so her work will be shown more or less simultaneously at the International Crafts Fair in Munich.


Helmut Gutbrod, Floating, 2012. Woodcut, 60 × 40 cm.


  • Galerie Spandow
    Fischerstraße 28 / Breite Straße 23
    13597 Berlin, Germany
  • Vernissage 05.03., 7 pm
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