Future Place 2015

Art Aurea presents ten pioneering galleries and shops which stand for an authentic product culture. Apply now!


The Brutto Gusto gallery in Berlin

Galleries and shops for the applied artists, design and similar products represent artists, designers and producers who create cultural artifacts of lasting value. These venues perform an important function in their cities and in society as a whole. But purchasers’ needs and desires change quickly in the Age of the Internet. This in itself is reason enough to dare something new or to delve more deeply into something old.

In its upcoming 2-2015 issue, ART AUREA begins a discussion about concepts and strategies pursued by culturally astute galleries and shops. The title—Future Place 2015—was chosen to make it clear that this issue of the magazine is devoted to unconventional and innovative concepts, and above all to ideas that reveal new perspectives for the future. A full page in the print edition of ART AUREA Magazine will be devoted to each of the ten most interesting examples, which we’ll also post on our internet platform and social-media channels.

We invite applications from galleries, shops, vintage stores, concept stores, pop-up stores, magazine shops, stores specializing in art books and other brick-and-mortar locations with forward-looking concepts.

What features might characterize a Future Place?

• A sophisticated selection and an unconventional presentation
• Shopping becomes a cultural experience; shoppers learn something new
• Excellent atmosphere; exemplary architecture for a gallery or shop
• Acquisition of merchandise is felt to be meaningful
• Customers experience inspiration, wellbeing and happiness
• Events take place at the venue, with catering for the visitors
• People gladly return time after time

Or perhaps your concept highlights something entirely different which promises success for the future?

Share it with us and apply by March 4, 2015 with a brief statement explaining why your gallery, your shop, etc. is a Future Place. Please include a link to your website. Readers of ART AUREA are cordially invited to submit their suggestions of their favorite Future Places.

The choice of ten entrants will be made by the editors of ART AUREA.
Contact: info@artaurea.de


The Design-Börse in Berlin