Rituals and objects

Preview on the winter issue 4–2014

Reinhold Ziegler, <em>Meteorite Cone</em>, 2013. Meteorite, silver, 8 × 3,5 cm.

Reinhold Ziegler, Meteorite Cone, 2013. Meteorite, silver, 8 × 3,5 cm.

Both religious and secular rituals are as important today as they were in earlier cultures. Rituals are what we use to strengthen relationships – as in weddings, for example – and give greater meaning to activities like eating and drinking.

The upcoming issue will focus on the theme of Rituals and Objects. Unlike any other field, art, artistic crafts and manufactories produce things that function as energy sources for rituals. Vessels and objects made by glass designers, ceramicists or silversmiths are used for rituals just as much as the wedding and friendship rings made by goldsmiths and many other designers’ and artists’ work.

We would like to extend a most cordial invitation for you to apply with your objects and products – for the editorial section or for the Art Aurea Showroom. The new internet platform makes the advertorial package in the Showroom more attractive than ever:

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Prices: 1/6 page 150 euros, 1/3 page 290 euros, one whole page 720 euros

Deadline for registration: 10 September 2014

The 5,500-copy edition of Art Aurea 4-2014 will be out with a large special section on the Grassi Fair on 20 October.

Please send us one or two images with a description and a short statement to info@artaurea.de. We will be happy to send you the entire concept including media data.