ArtDesign Feldkirch

Design, art and fashion

For the past seven years, ArtDesign Feldkirch has made Austria’s Vorarlberg into a meeting place for design, craftsmanship and fashion. Located where four countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein) meet, ArtDesign Feldkirch is the region’s only trade fair for creative designers and artisans, 110 of whom show their work on 3,000 square meters of floor space. Campus Showroom presents creations by graduates of colleges and academies. The fair opens on October 9th, when the LAVA Award (LandVorArlberg Award) will be conferred for the first time. The prize, with which Vorarlberg honors especially creative achievements in the visual and applied arts, includes a cash award of 3,000 euros.

ART AUREA will be available at the counter.