Aging with Beauty

ART AUREA’s upcoming issue

What makes an artistically crafted object increase in value the older it gets? Why does youthfulness enjoy a higher status in our society than experience? And what does timeless beauty look like? In our next issue, we’ll be looking into these and other questions in exciting reports.

Laurens Burro will be photographing exceptional gallerists and artists with their favorite objects, whose beauty does not fade over time. Mechtild Lobisch has been creating artistically designed book covers for more than 60 years now. We’ll visit her in her atelier in Gauting near Munich. Students from Pforzheim came to Berlin for one week to learn ancient goldsmithing techniques, such as engine-turning to create guilloché patterns and embossing using a drop hammer. We looked over their shoulders while they were working at historical machines at the German Museum of Technology.


A student from Pforzheim engine-turning. Photo Anka Bardeleben.

ART AUREA’s spring issue will be exploring the keynote topic of “Aging with Beauty”. ART AUREA 1-2015 will be available on February 13, 2015.