Inventive Newcomers

Special show "Talente" at the IHM Munich


Kyungmin Lee, vessel Matrix. Porcelain, decal, adhesive tape, H 30 cm, ∅ 30 cm.

More than 600 applications for participation in this year’s special “Talente” show at Munich’s International Crafts fair had been submitted, from which the Munich Chamber of Crafts selected 99 innovative young designers. As already prefigured by last year’s show, the interrelation between new technological possibilities and traditional craftsmanship plays a special role in the field of design. By deliberately using their materials and techniques, the participants tried to explore the creative tension between these two contrasting poles in their own individual manner.

In the glass genre, the irregularly shaped vessels created by Geir Nustad (Norway/the Netherlands) are particularly striking. Reminiscent of stones, the brownish-gray surfaces contrast nicely with the smoothly polished inner walls in luminous colors. A particularly diverse variety of imaginative designs can be observed in the ceramics genre.
Kyungmin Lee (South Korea/Germany), for example, plays with the effect of the colors accentuating the elaborate relief structure of his cylindrical vessels’ walls.
With her vases pendants, the jewelry designer Jing Yang explores and experiments with the gender-specific stereotypes in her home country China. By dissecting vase-shaped elements and arranging the individual parts in a distinctive manner, she plays with formal analyses reminiscent of Concrete Art.

Images HWK München

Geir Nustad, Vase object <em>Im-material, small mountain</em>. Glass. 20 × 15 × 17 cm.
Geir Nustad, Vase object Im-material, small mountain. Glass. 20 × 15 × 17 cm.
Jing Yang, Necklace <em>Ich bin keine Vase</em>. Necklace, brass, cotton cord, 15 × 10 × 76 cm.
Jing Yang, Necklace Ich bin keine Vase. Necklace, brass, cotton cord, 15 × 10 × 76 cm.

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