Peter Vogel
1967 Born in Peissenberg
1985–1988 Apprenticeship as a turner
1991–1992 Master training at Prof. Gottfried Böckelmann's, Hildesheim
2002 Own workshop in Peissenberg
2015 Form# 2015, Modern Crafts Talents Tendence Award

Peter Vogel

With his wooden objects, Peter Vogel endeavors to reify the essential properties of nature’s evanescence. As a basic material, this trained wood-turner uses pieces of rotten oak and fir wood, infected by wood-decay fungi, which he turns using the traditional faceplate turning technique. As it dries, the wood cracks and deforms into bizarre shapes. Lime paste, acrylic paint, water-based paint and synthetic resin applied to the wooden surfaces distort to form unusual structures that evoke associations with natural weathering processes. The results are sculptural one-of-a-kind pieces that wed an archaic rough-hewn charm to fragility, and captivate the beholder. In his workshop in Peissenberg in Bavaria, Peter Vogel creates objects located on the borderline between antiquity and modernity, between vessel and sculpture.