Maria Verburg
1945 Born in Bielefeld, grown in Hamburg
1974–81 Book binding techniques and restoration workshops
1985 Bag projects
1994 Academy of design and crafts Munich, education at Mechthild Lobisch's
2006 Opening of the gallery „format“ for handcrafted uniques

Maria Verburg

By creating her charming paper objects, Maria Verburg practices what can regarded as an advanced form of the bookbinder’s art. But this allows her to choose the colors and shapes for her eminently poetic yet perfectly functional bags, containers and flowers more freely than is usually the case in this genre. Verburg’s source of inspiration is her collection of antique, either industrially produced or handmade paper, some of which she has decorated herself. “I subject paper to all kinds of processes, such as tearing, cutting, punching, folding and creasing, polishing and gluing,” she says. In 2010, this Augsburg-based artist was awarded the Bavarian State Prize, and in 2011 received the Gedok association’s Klaus Oschmann Award.